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Correct forum for soundtrack/score organ music?

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  • Correct forum for soundtrack/score organ music?

    The use of the organ in video games, and to a lesser extent films, is what originally caused me to develop an interest in the instrument. However, the music forums currently doesn’t have a dedicated film/game/television score section. Where would be the most appropriate place for posts regarding this music?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Try the theatre organ forum. Before movies had sound, the organ accompanied them, and that is the root of the film and video game industry music. Hope this helps, and welcome to the Forum!

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      Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop & Theatre music general channel would probably be the place for them.
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        Correct, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop & Theatre channel here:

        When creating a new topic there, select the Theatre prefix.

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        Interesting, I didn't realize Theatre was part of that particular Forum, otherwise, I would have recommended it. Thank you for the correction, Sam!