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Anyone else getting DreamHost page instead of Organ Forum?

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  • Anyone else getting DreamHost page instead of Organ Forum?

    In the last couple of days, when trying to open Organ Forum, I've gotten a DreamHost web page instead of the main Organ Forum page. Is this just me, or is this happening to others? It seems to be random. Sometimes I get the regular Organ Forum page, and sometimes I don't. This is not happening to me on any other sites.
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    Not getting that for me--try deleting your cache.


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      If you are accessing the Forum with https://organforum.com you will encounter an automatic redirect to https://organforum.com/forums/ which is the actual address of the Forum. Some browsers don't handle the redirect properly, so make sure you're running the most recent version of your browser. You should also clear your browser cache as toodles suggests.

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        Also, there was a recent update to the Forum and it was down for a few hours, so it may be related to that if you visited the Forum while it was down. You probably got the DreamHost page then.

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