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  • Comments not being indexed

    I have noticed that when someone Comments on a Post, the index does not indicate that a change has been logged--the most recent change reflects that of the last major Post, and the Comments don't change it. I depend on the change log to direct my activities and would like the fact that a Comment has been made to be reflected in the index.

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    I visit the Unread Posts (after I check Notifications) to see what I haven't read. I've noticed that when I check there, if the topics are Bold, they have posts that haven't been read by me. If the topics are regular text, a comment has been made on the topic or a post that I haven't read yet, but no new posts.

    Hope that helps a little.

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      You wrote "regular text" but in italics. The bold title is obviously an indication that a "major" post has been added (as David described). Are you saying it will be in italics if a comment is added, but not "major" post? I have missed new comments, and found then when a "major" post is added.


      • myorgan
        myorgan commented
        Editing a comment
        Nope. It won't be in italics, but there was no special formatting for "regular text." Any response to a thread where you have posted will appear in your notifications section–as long as you've opted to receive them.


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      myorgan is 100% correct in his explanation, but let me elaborate a bit.

      First, there is no Forum index per se, so I'm not sure what exactly is being referred to when you use that term. The typography changes that myorgan refers to are the search results for the Unread Posts link. Unread Topics, Posts, and Replies are presented in bold type in this list of topics, while unread comments are presented in plain type. This is also true for other search results such as Today's Posts. All of the various post collections you see on the Forum, such as the ones previously mentioned and in the sidebar modules, e.g. Latest Blogs, Latest Classifieds, etc. are the result of searches that can be replicated using the Forum's Advanced Search capability.

      Once again I'll point out that although there are many ways to navigate the Forum, subscribing to those topics and areas you are interested in is the best way of insuring you don't miss a single word.

      There are two comprehensive articles on this subject. Start with this one.
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