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CLASSIFIEDS: How do you respond to an ad?

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  • CLASSIFIEDS: How do you respond to an ad?

    I've found several classified ads that I want to respond to, but I see no option to reply, contact owner, etc. Just the ad shows up with nothing else.

    What am I missing here?

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    I guess you can't reply directly to an ad - if you have a board in the local supermarket where people can put up cards with offers, you wouldn't hang a second card there saying, I like this offer, can I buy?
    So you should probably contact the user by forum message.


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      You cannot repond to an ad directly. It keeps the Classifieds free of clutter.

      Rather, click on the person's moniker (i.e. mine is MyOrgan), and you will have the option to send him/her a private message. Make sure when you get to the person's profile, that you click on "Private Message!" Otherwise, it will send the note as a visitor message, and the entire Forum can see what you wrote.

      The person should respond if they still are actively using the Forum. Best of luck with your contacts.

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        It's easier to click on the conversation cloud icon 💬 next to the username. This will open a private message chat window for you to compose and send your message.

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      Each of the Forum's Classifieds Channels has this sticky stating the terms of use and which answers your question. Please be sure to read and understand these terms prior to posting ads there,

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