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    Why are people using thumbnails which can't be enlarged. I obviously don't know how to view them. But it seems a great inconvenience to me, asking for someone to comment on the small picture. Maybe though, this is a "Teaching Moment"! I wait to be enlightened.

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    Could you post an example? I haven't seen any thumbnails recently that couldn't be enlarged. It may be your browser.

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      Are you using any browser utility that blocks JavaScript? I also haven't seen the problem you've described.
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        Are you viewing posts without logging in? That method only allows you to see thumbnails.
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          AllenAnalog brings up a point that's worth a reminder. You cannot view or download attachments here unless you are signed in. If you are signed in, a larger image will be displayed when you click the thumbnail version. That image will be displayed in a lightbox and may be further enlarged there, if a larger version was uploaded, by clicking on it.

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            It must be that I was not logged in. I don't always log in to read. It seemed as if I was being asked to see some of the thumbnails in a different site. Sometimes it said I didn't have permission. It is probably my non-logged state that caused this. Thanks everyone for your comments. Happy Halloween Booooooooooooooo!

            (After logging in I could enlarge the Farfisa pictures on the tuning issue post. Thanks again.)