Hello, I recently came across a Farfisa Partner 6 organ. It looks like this one. Unfortunately, the previous owners (who were giving it away) left it outside with a "Free" sign on it. This would have been no problem if it hadn't been a rainy day. When I found the organ and decided to take it, it had become rather wet. I have since taken the wood panel at the top off and opened it up so that it can dry more easily and since I found it, it has dried out quite nicely. I have now come to the problem of the electrics. They work, just, and I can't find any circuit diagrams or schematics or anything, anywhere on the internet. It seems no website that deals with these things has anything related to the Farfisa "Partner" series or small organs. I'm not quite sure where to start either :( If anyone has got any tips as to how to start fixing a soggy Farfisa Partner 6, they would be greatly appreciated. Also, I'd be greatly interested in any circuit diagrams or schematics or anything to the effect with regards to the intrument :)