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leslie 760 euro version relays

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  • leslie 760 euro version relays

    hello, my 220v leslie 760 has a blown relay. I cant find them anywhere, any clues?

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    Re: leslie 760 euro version relays


    I've just been guided through fixing up my DIY leslie which uses a 710 amp from the UK.</p>

    Firstly check out the threads here:</p></p>

    and here:</p></p>

    Download the free 760 service manual from</p>

    and check out whether it's the silicon rectifiers, D6-D9 that seem to be not working, or the relay itself.</p>

    The 4Amp rectifiers, or SCRs are similar to the triacs I had to replace. The 200 and 400 voltage ratings are a little low but they'll still serve. I replaced my 400 V with a 600V(PIV: Peak inverse voltage, ie it adds total voltage going both ways)</p>

    So do a web search for 4 amp SCRs rated 200 or 400 volts, 600 even. I don't know whether you'd replace the 200 with a higher value or not.</p>

    I also haven't seen the 760 amp, so I don't know the case size and type of these SCRs, I know that triacs and transistors all have specific case numbers so you get the right sort, but its not detailed here.</p>

    R12, R14, R15 and R17 I understand go between the SCRs and the relays to offer some protection. They burn out if the SCR goes. They're 330 ohm half watt resistors.</p>

    As for the Relay itself, do a search for a reed and coil switch that switches roughly on 10V, (the coil is a small electromagnet that pushes the copper reed contacts together to allow the higher voltage through) the one I replaced didn't say whether the reed switch would handle 240V or not. Luckily it did.</p>

    There were a bunch of options, I picked the only one that was barrel shaped and would roughly fit into the same space. The rest were boxlike affairs that would have to be connected via extra wiring.</p>

    Hope you fix it soon!</p>


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