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Best all-round Digital reverb?

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    Originally posted by Eric Mack View Post
    @Admin Thank you for chiming in...

    That setup must sound impressive!

    Some quick questions:
    1. I assume you are running all four outputs from the MX400, so you have a "surround" reverb? If so, I'm guessing you would be running the MX400 in the Stereo IN to Surround Out mode, correct?
    No, I'm not running in Surround Mode at this time. Just two channels out without any of the dry signal. My main reason for not using surround has to do with the room and speaker placement.

    2. Did you program your MX400 settings via the front panel, or are you using the Lexicon MX400 Software to do that? (I have not played with the software, yet. I'm still trying to master the front panel.)
    I've not used the Lexicon software. The reverb programs I'm using are all factory presets, and as I said previously, I send MIDI messages to the unit to select them through Hauptwerk when loading the sample set.

    The unit can be programmed entirely from the front panel, AFAIK, without using the Lexicon software. Although I've tweaked things a bit, I've not played around with creating my own programs because I'm satisfied with the factory presets. There was a time I'd spend the hours necessary to experiment and come up with a custom program, but nowadays I prefer playing to tinkering. As you can edit the factory presets, I'd find one that's close to the sound you're after and tweak its parameters to your liking.

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