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XB-2 hissing percussion

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  • XB-2 hissing percussion

    I acquired an XB-2 recently quite cheap. The owner told me that the percussion is not working. When switching on any percussion, it gives a loud hissing noise on every note being played.

    Otherwise the drawbars seem to work and so does the amplification chain.

    It showed a C-********* in the display after powering on. Don't know what it means. This is the first time I got hands on an XB-2.

    My idea is: Exchange the battery. Then do a factory reset.

    I could now consult the manuals but don't have them handy right now. So is there anyone who can comment on this?

    Is it difficult to get at the battery?

    How is a factory reset being done?

    Could the hissing noise just be a consequence of some parameters been gone astray?


    Meanehile I found the recipe to do a factory reset:

    Here is how to do a hard reset of you XB2

    1. Make sure the XB2 is powered OFF

    2. With your right hand Touch and Hold the gray RECORD button

    3. HOLD the gray RECORD button and the turn on the XB2.

    4. The screen should say Welcome to HAMMOND XB-2.

    5. Then the screen should display XB-2 PATCH DATA - ** INITIALIZE **

    Once the organ Initializes then your done.

    Like I said you may need to replace the battery inside the XB2.
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    OK, I changed the battery and did a Full Reset today. No change in the odd behaviour.

    Looks like the logic is also erratic.

    With all drawbars in I have a noise with evey note played.

    As said, with percussion on (any), loud hissing tone.

    When pulling distinct drawbars one can hear the actual drawbar in the note sounding but it seems to be overlaid by a tone mix that is louder and the actual drawbar tone sounds faint.