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Keys sticking on Rodgers 955

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  • Keys sticking on Rodgers 955

    It has been a while since I posted. Anyway, the organist at my church, (whom I fill in for as well) has discovered a couple of keys are sticking when depressed and not springing back up like they are supposed to on the Great manual of our Rodgers 955. She is going to contact the organ repair people soon, but I wanted to know what the problem could be. Could it just be the humidity in the air?


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    If the organ has the deluxe wooden keyboards with felt bushings, yes, the problem may be humidity. These keyboards react more or less like piano keys to moisture, and will swell and bind in excessively damp weather or if even a small amount of water gets spilled onto the keys.

    OTOH, if you have the plastic and metal keyboards, something else is going on. Most such keyboards have rubber guides under each key, and these guides are coated with a super-slick lubricant. Under some conditions the rubber can break down or the lubricant can harden and the keys will get sluggish. There is also a problem with some later Rodgers keyboards, such as used in the Trillium period, in which a smooth hard plastic component in the key guide system flattens out with wear. In either case, it takes a tech quite a bit of time to do a thorough updating of the keyboard.

    If the keys are wood, you can wait a while and see if they dry out and return to normal operation. If they are metal and plastic, they may well just get worse with time.
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