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Rodgers 760 convert music desk lighting to LED strip light?

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  • Rodgers 760 convert music desk lighting to LED strip light?

    I am thinking about converting the lighting on the music desk of my Rodgers 760 to using LED light strips, and would like to hear your thoughts on the feasibility of the project. Preferably, I would like to have wiring neatly hidden, just as it is now with the factory installed lighting, and not have random power bricks stuck to the exterior of the console. The LED strips would go inside the diffuser housing where the current incandescent bulbs are. From the exterior, nothing would look different.

    Is it possible to use the 24 VAC supply from the current music desk bulbs to power LED strip lights? LED strips I have come across however seem to be DC. So convert to DC?

    If not, then is it possible to run a cable to the Rodgers power supply and one of the other voltage rails? This way the LED strip would turn on/off with the organ's main power switch.

    If the above is also a no-go, then then next option would be to have an LED strip power supply inside the console, and mount a switch somewhere.

    What do you think?

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    I think it is a great idea. I've considered the possibility of doing this on several organs, but have never followed though. I believe most all of those LED strips run on DC only. I don't think you should tap into the existing DC power supply in the organ though - just seems to me like not a good plan, but I can't say exactly how come I see it that way.

    I'm more familiar with Allen consoles, not Rodgers. Allen consoles have an actual AC power distribution block in them on the floor, with regular outlets to plug various components into. If your Rodgers has something similar, it is easy to hide a power brick in the console to power the LEDs. I do that when I add reverb to older organs.
    Regards, Larry

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      I did it on a Hammond by simply replacing the light transformer (was it 24-volts?) with an LED power box using the same wires and panel switch up to the music deck lights. I 3M-double-stickied the power unit to the inside of the organ. I left the capacitor that was across the transformer and it makes for a delay and stutter before the light comes on fully, which makes me happy.

      I'd like to do the same to my Rodgers, but it has software driven instead of user-accessible switches, and the manual shows that my organ has like the fifth engineering change to the power circuit. This makes me afraid to mess with it. :)
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        I may be wrong, but I think an LED strip designed for 12 volts would be happy running on 24 volts with just a simple series resistor inserted. And if the 24 volts is AC, you'd possibly need to insert a diode along with the resistor. I can't tell you exactly how to wire this, but there are online resources that describe how LED's are connected to their power sources, and the basic essential is to have the right amount of resistance in the circuit, since an LED is of course a "diode" and not a true power-consuming device, so it will burn up instantly if a voltage is connected to it without the proper resistance in series. There is some kind of formula for calculating the value of the resistor you need in a given circuit to keep the LED from burning up.
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          I did that to my Rodgers 22D. I removed the incandescent lamps and used LED tape. The organ is now a VPO (only the Rodgers power supply is left) and when I did it I added two 120V junction boxes that come on with the main switch. And one of the outlets got the power pack that came with the lights. I was able to pull the new wire through the same opening that Rodgers used for the factory set up to get to the music desk. NO way would I ever go back, the LEDs work really great and will probably outlive me.