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Noisey Allen Pedalboard Fixed

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  • Noisey Allen Pedalboard Fixed

    My MDS pedalboard developed a most annoying loud click at both the bottom and top of stroke of one note.

    I pulled the board and tipped it on its nose. I found a good sized nail on one of the magnets, and a small brad and a small screw on another. Took them off and vacuumed a bit. No more strange noise. However, the nails interference did cause a bit of the magnet to break off. Although it now works fine, Im thinking the magnet could loose its strength since it is no longer its original size or shape.

    Anyone know of a source for these? I don't think there is an Allen dealer anywhere close by.

    Meanwhile, the moral of the story may be that if you transport an organ in a uhaul trailer, sweep it out well first!

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    And ALWAYS stand an Allen pedal board on its tail end, with the magnets UP. And before you slide the pedal board into place, take one last look and make sure nothing is hanging on the magnets.

    The little magnet will probably be fine if it's still working. You can buy small vinyl magnets like that in various hobby stores or online sources. But you may not need one.
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