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Rodgers 333 Olympic Music Rack

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  • Rodgers 333 Olympic Music Rack


    I have a Rodgers 333 Theatre Organ that is in need of a replacement music rack. The original and wooden 'triangle' mounting brackets are gone. The console is otherwise in good shape. If possible, I would like to find a close replacement for it, knowing that the theatre style is slightly different than what they used on classic instruments. The console is off white, but I suppose a replacement could be painted to match.

    If anyone has one for sale, or possible replacement suggestions, please let me know. Thank you!

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    The catalog photo of the 333 shows a Plexiglass music rack. If yours is other than that, please advise.


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      It is plexiglass, the shape isn't quite rectangular I think. The upper comers were rounded off.
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        You don't indicate your location, but TAP Plastics is a distributor of plastic products and will cut plastics to your desired measurement. I bought some rectangular acrylic pieces for replacement music rack use. I had them polish the edges.

        The first 327 & 333 organs had the sides of the music rack angled inwards, later ones were single rectanges, but polished edges. At least this is what I remember seeing. See: for the angled sides

        If you want to copy the angled sides, I have a 327 console and can measure the rack for you; if you just want parallel sides, your music rack base (the lamp part) can tell you how wide to make it.


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          Thanks for the info, toodles. TAP looks like a great resource. Unfortunately, the music rack base is also gone. I made a temporary fix with a piece of acrylic and 1x material from a home improvement store, but the result wasn't very good. Ideally, I can find a base/lamp housing and rack that might closely match what was originally on it. I've seen some occasionally for sale on the internet, but never one that said it was for this model.


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            Where are you located? It would be nice if you added that to your profile. Helps people help you.

            You might try MCN Systems at

            Matt Neil is a Rodgers Technician (maybe used to work at the factory?) and has a warehouse full of Rodgers parts.


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              I have a Rodgers music rack you can have. I don’t know what organ it original came from, but It was rescued from a 333 that was parted out. It is a walnut color. Which does not match your off white though. I attached a picture. Not the greatest because of reflection. It’s 32 inches wide, 12 inches high. The base part is 1-1/4 x 2-3/4 inches. The plastic is 3/8 inch thick and the mounting holes are 27-1/2 inch apart. It has the straight edges, the corners are not rounded.The triangle mounting blocks are not the original. Someone made copies, but they work. The lighting uses the #19 bulbs, but there are none in the rack (would need 20 of them). It’s located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
              Let me know if you can use it.
              Thanks Allan.
              Click image for larger version

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                Thanks again everyone for the information and leads. Allan, I would be happy to compensate you for your music rack and associated shipping (I'm near St. Louis). It would be a great improvement over my improvisation.



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                  The rack is free. Just need to cover shipping. Send me a private message (PM) with phone number and we can work out the details.