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Organ repair books, early '60s

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  • Organ repair books, early '60s

    Hi everyone,

    I've got two old organ repair books. One is "Electronic organ handbook" by H. Emerson Anderson, copyrighted 1962. Another is "Servicing electronic organs" by Carl R. Pittman and Eugene J. Oliver, copyrighted 1960. Both of these cover the different organs available back then and include block diagrams, schematics etc. Probably nothing that an avid enthusiast wouldn't already know, but for me these have been a rather useful resource for working on my Lowrey.

    I was thinking about preserving this information in digital form. Turns out that both of these books are now in public domain because the copyright of neither was renewed, at least according to the publicly searchable copyright renewal databases. Sources for this conclusion: (1978 to present is fine, as that's when the renewal should have happened so it should be in there if it were done)

    So, apparently I could just scan them and put the resulting PDF files available on my website. What do you think, am I correct?

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    Sounds pretty kosher to me. I'd go ahead. The worst that can happen is that someone appears out of the woodwork and claims copyright (with proof) and tells you to take them down.

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      So, I decided to have them digitized. I sent a request for quotation to a company specializing in scanning services, as scanning and editing almost 500 pages worth of books is rather tedious and time-consuming, and additionally it's hard to get decent quality with a flatbed scanners as books usually aren't flat.

      I'll post links here once the results can be downloaded. Probably send them to as well, they have lots of public domain material available already.


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        Sounds good. Do keep us posted.
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          I will. I got a reasonable price quote and will send the books to the company this week. In a few weeks they should be done.