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Allen Smart Recorder IR Remote

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  • Allen Smart Recorder IR Remote

    I was able to pick up an Allen ASR-1 Smart Recorder on *Bay for an attractive price. Hooked it up to our MDS-16 and all is well... except the unit came with an IR receiver for a remote controller, but alas, no remote controller. (I'm sure the remote has been long lost under some sofa cushion or destroyed by leaking batteries.). As it sits, it is difficult to reach the controls from the console. Does anyone have a spare Allen IR remote they'd be willing to part with, OR does anyone know the IR codes Allen used so I could possibly program a "universal" remote? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    No idea about the codes and don't have a remote to sell, but... If it's any consolation, the remote doesn't work very well and is quite quirky.

    I have two of the recorders, one at home and one at church, though I only have one IR remote and receiver set. At home I have the unit on top of the console where I can reach it, though it's a "stretch." At church, I use the remote to start the player from the rear of the nave so I can come in with my choir in the processional. So it's been very useful.

    However, the remote has very peculiar quirks. It won't work at close range. If I'm not at least 10 feet away from the receiver, the remote doesn't work at all. And the only thing I trust it to do correctly every time is to play my processional hymn. I only record one hymn on a disk, and I would never trust it to select hymns from a list, since you can't see what you're doing. The only indication that it's receiving your transmission is the blink of the red light on the receiver, but the blink is identical for every button. When I first got it, I'd try to use it for other functions, such as Stop and Pause, but it might or might not recognize those commands, might do something else entirely.

    Anyway, I'm just saying that it's not terribly reliable or useful. You might be able to buy one on ebay if you watch. Allen would probably have one to sell you, but no telling what the cost might be. The recorder is a nice little device, but the remote leaves something to be desired.
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      Thanks for the info John.
      Sounds like it's not worth a lot of effort trying to find one. If one jumps out at me I'll probably go for it, but we can be quite happy with what we've got.