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Building My Own Leslie

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  • Building My Own Leslie


    It seems that I joined this some years ago but this is my first posting.

    I have two Hammonds, a J322 (transistor) model and an L122. The J322 has a built in Leslie unit and is the only reason I kept this organ, hoping one day to use it to build my own external Leslie that I could attach to the L122. It looks to be in its own self-contained housing too, within the organ itself but has only the one horn, not two. What I'm really not sure of is the pin-outs and where to tap into to make this thing happen. I'm planning to make my own cabinet, probably with wheels for ease of use, and probably using some of the free wood that you can get from Ikea!

    So, I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried to do this before and whether it's reasonably straightforward to do? The L122 is in very good original condition and I'm in two minds about having to cut into or drill into it to do any modifications! Ultimately I suppose that whatever I do is adding to the history of the organ. I'm also quite keen to get rid of the J322 which is an added incentive to remove the Leslie and get it working on its own.

    I'd be very grateful for any help, comments or suggestions.

    Thank you.




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    Hammond L122
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