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Rodgers power amp 3 channel - do these parts need replacement?

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  • Rodgers power amp 3 channel - do these parts need replacement?

    This is regarding the 3 Channel Power Amp in my Rodgers 760. I found a resistor with a bulge: R215. In the manual it is described as Metal Film 680 ohm, 5%, 3 watt. Is this of concern and does it need replacement? Picture below.

    Also, how are the capacitors on an organ of this age? I haven't detected any leaking electrolyte, but would they have a tendency to drift at this age? The 2200 uF ones seem ever so slightly convex at the top. Picture with edge of a ruler, the backlight shows a slight curve. This one is C220, close to the resistor mentioned above.

    I believe the previous owner of the organ had some work done to the power amps. The 1-channel amp that shares the heat sink with this 3-channel amp has a PCB with a different shade of green, different brand capacitors when compared to the 3-channel, less dust buildup, and on the whole looks newer.

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    I have worked on many 3 channel Rodgers amps and always replace the caps. Don’t take a chance. Replace both as the resistor may check ok, but may change value under a load. Both parts are not that expensive and will save from future aggravation later.


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      Do you think it is okay to go with Nichicon low impedance (UPW series) for the smaller caps? The 3-channel board has mostly Paccom caps, and the newser 1-channel board has Nichicon VX and LQ series.