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Tech assistance required for a KAWAI T-30

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  • Tech assistance required for a KAWAI T-30

    Hi everyone,
    A few months ago I bought a rare Kawai T-30 organ complete with tone cabinets.
    The organ is mostly working but I do need some technical assistance from anyone who has worked on one of these instruments, also, I would greatly like to source an 'extender card' for working on the circuit boards located in the organs internal cage.
    As Im located in Australia and this is the only T-30 in this country, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Hi Scott,

    I can't offer you any tech advice, but all I can say is that you are a lucky ol toad! I remember seeing Brian Sharp playing the T30 back in the day, wonderful!

    Good luck!

    Yamaha EL90C,Roland BK7m, Korg i40m music module, Roland SH 201


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      Thanks John, it’s a funny story. I used to own it some 30 years ago as I worked for Kawai at the time. I subsequently sold it on in the early 90’s due to a lack of space..... which I regretted for years.
      I found the service manual for it a few months ago, and to my complete amazement about a week later, I was contacted randomly by someone asking if I had ever heard of a 4 manual Kawai, and they new someone who wanted to get rid of it urgently... 4 days later, I had it back again. So, yes, I am a lucky fellow all right.
      Just got to get the last few bugs sorted with it.