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Rodgers 830 audio hookup panel. HELP!

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  • Rodgers 830 audio hookup panel. HELP!

    Hi. Working with an amp interface panel from a Rodgers model 830. The panel has 5 pin MIDI style inputs for the 6 main channels plus 3 labeled Antiphonal and 1 test port. The connectors each contain 5 pins for audio signal, grounds, and 2 designated relay 1 and relay 2. What is the purpose of the "relay" pins? Does anyone have wiring schematics for model 830? I don't have the rest of the organ, I am only working with the audio system components for a custom project.

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    The relay pins are there to send 15 volts to the amplifier's turn-on relays. Rodgers amps are normally remote from a large organ, and the 15 volts trips the relays that control the 110 volt power on the amp unit itself.
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      If you have the amplifiers and output panel, then the outputs of the amplifiers are provided on terminal strips that take bare wire. The DIN connectors for remote amplifiers and antiphonal amplifiers have the 5 pins as described, one of the pins is "no connection"; the 15V for remote relays are as JBird described.

      I'm not sure the DIN connectors would be active, as I don't know if they connect from the amp inputs, or are driven separately from the output preamp board. Definitely the antiphonal outputs are driven from the output preamp board, so you would need that board if you intend to do something with those outputs.

      Note that the pedal crossover and all the mixing (for reverb, headphones, antiphonal, etc.) is done on the output preamp board.


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        Thanks, this is helpful. Also seeking wiring schematics for the organ tjis came from. It was model 830. I made a posting about it in the appropriate places here. If anyone has schematics, please let me know.