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Refurbishing a Hammond BC

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  • Refurbishing a Hammond BC

    Howdy, name’s Six and I run an instrument repair business in Sydney, Australia. My primary area of expertise is guitars, amplifiers/electronics (studied electronic engineering at a tertiary level) and also electric pianos (Rhodes and Wurlitzers primarily).

    A few days ago I picked up a 1937 Hammond BC in factory 240V for a pittance, which for a country like Australia is almost unheard of. It was a hire piece for a few decades before it was sent to long term storage.

    So I’ve obtained a copy of the master service manual and am going to be getting to the task of rebuilding it over the next however long it takes. I’m thinking of doing some mods to it to make it a bit more playable. I’m not thinking of trying in vain to make it into a B3, I know it’s a fools errand.

    I’m looking at installing the Trek II percussion circuit, a proper line out, and was considering upgrading it to a BCV if I can find the parts necessary (building an entire new preamp is an easy thing for me as I build amplifiers as an offering in the business).

    Has anyone upgraded a BC to a BCV and if so how much effort did it require? Eventually the whole thing will be sold off so it’s a case of weighing up time and effort vs possible increase in value. Bear in mind, Hammond tone wheel organs from this era aren’t as common here and go for quite a sum in working condition.

    I’ll undoubtedly be returning to this thread with updates and progress shots as I go along.
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    Existing post...

    There an existing, recent and similar post that may give you some answers: Hammond BC Project.

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