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Rodgers 5-series. Replacing original 5x20mm bulbs with LEDs

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  • Rodgers 5-series. Replacing original 5x20mm bulbs with LEDs

    Upgrade from bulbs to to LEDs

    When doing research to find spare parts for an old Rodgers 530 I saw that quite some people were looking for this very special 5x20mm 12V fuse-bulbs. These are quite difficult (I found it impossible) to get. Hence, it seems that there is quite a number of instruments suffering from dead bulbs as they burn out over time.

    I finally found a source on eBay in Bulgaria that provides custom built LEDs to replace the old bulbs. If you are interested, have a look at my blog to see how it is done and a link to get in contact with guy making them. Also if you need other rare form factors he is a good contact.

    Info you can find here:

    Hope this is helpful,


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    Good info! And I love your blog about the old organ. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
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