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Elka X705 707 Common problems?

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  • Elka X705 707 Common problems?

    Hi. I recently bought 2 Elka X 705 organs.
    They both have the same problems and I haven't found a solution on the net.
    So maybe someone here has a solution. That would save me time 😋
    1 three notes on all octaves on upper and lower kb have a strange vibrator sound.
    2 upper kb only works with a few presets. Preset brass1 and brass 2 ,manual percussion ,manual instrument doesn't work.
    3 the piano and clav give a constant high pith tone that only can be muted when taking that volume down.
    It isn't a stuck key and the tone doesn't sound as an instrument. I think it is a reference tone.
    Tensions are ok, no ac.
    I have cleaned the push buttons.
    Took out and checked all boards.
    I have the manual and schematics.
    All help is welcome.
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    Problem 1 solved. I have seen that the square wave of one of the divider ICs was fluttering. Changed it with the IC next to it and both are ok. Strange.

    Problem 2. Rtfm... the tab preset position is for using the tabs... ��
    Dirty volume sliders.

    More to come.