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Farfisa 252R and 255, some little troubles !

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  • Farfisa 252R and 255, some little troubles !

    Hi all ! I am new to this forum and I came to you on the recommendation of a friend.
    I commented that a while ago I bought 2 organs Farfisa (Mod. 252R and 255).
    The first one is in a perfect state of conservation, considering the years it already has.
    The other was exposed even to the rain, his former owner told me.

    * The 252R turns on, works the Leslie that has built-in and the drum machine (Partner 15) turns on but only has some operational functions.
    The problem comes when I try to play some note. There is simply no sound.
    The speaker throws a dry blow, as if it were dust. I opened it and shook off any possible dust.
    Could someone suggest me where to start to detect the problem?
    I would verify the circuit if I had the schematic diagram.

    * The 255 has working notes, dead notes and others that when pressed, throw a chirp.
    If I also had the schematic diagram I could play repair it.

    I would appreciate any information or help. I sincerely appeal to your knowledge.
    Here in Argentina little or no one manages to repair these relics. Hugs to all !