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Rodgers Allegiant 678 midi repair

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  • Rodgers Allegiant 678 midi repair

    Is it possible for parts within midi to go bad? The Rodgers I play has trouble recieving communications from an external unit. It misses stops, sometimes a note gets stuck. Any idea if I need to get the midi reparied or looked at? Everything else works fine on the organ, except the midi.

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    Before assuming that the problem is in the organ, you should eliminate the possibility that the problem isn't with the sending device, the computer MIDI interface, or the connecting cable.

    Cheap, no-brand, Chinese USB midi interfaces have a reputation for dropped data. If that's you're problem, this Roland Midi interface is universally recommended as a replacement.

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      We had a customer complaining of similar issues with a Rodgers recently and the trouble turned out to be a bad MIDI cable. It seemed to work when we were there, then he'd have a glitch in the next service, much as you describe, stuck notes, program change failures. We finally realized the MIDI cable had a defect near one of the end plugs that caused it to lose contact at odd moments.

      I think another area of concern is the MIDI jacks, which look to me like they're vulnerable to getting loose over time. Make sure the MIDI plugs are snugly pushed into the jacks. It is important to pull them loose and re-seat them every now and then to keep the metal pins clean.

      As Admin suggests, trying a different USB interface might help, if you're using a laptop computer as your sequencer. Or try a different external sequencer to see if the unit you're using has a glitch itself. In my experience MIDI troubles are rarely the organ's fault.
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        Thanks for the reply,

        I have tested this device with other organs with midi, for example, my Allen Protege at my home, and it works fine. Just the organ at my church has issues with it. But I will look into what you told me to do. Thanks!

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        Thanks John, I will try that.