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Change registration without press buttons on yamaha el

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    Change registration without press buttons on yamaha el

    I look for some video of yamaha el90/70 and see that voices are changed automatically when playing without need to press any button.
    i want to understand how it works. Does it counts the musical notes and change the registration for each notes location ?
    There are any yamaha keyboards (which is not electone, like psr) which have this option ?

    Hi Nir,

    Sorry response is 2-3 months behind, don't log on too often.

    I own an EL90, and would think that the functions are very similar on other models.

    Once you have selected your registration set up, you save it into one of the buttons, and continue on until you have created the sequence for the piece you are playing. When you are playing the piece, you can either use the buttons to recall the setting, or in most cases, use the kick-switch, which is located on the expression pedal. The EL90 has a kick-switch on either side of the expression pedal, which you can assign a registration change, drum fill in, or glide.

    Another option is to programme a sequence for the piece, which will include the drums, and voices etc. I do believe that it will skip through the sequence and make the changes, however, I haven't personally done this.

    I have recently purchased a Yamaha Tyros 3, and you can use a foot switch to change through your sequence, and I would imagine that this might be possible with the PSR's (or at least some of them) but wouldn't swear to it, as I have very limited experience with these models.

    Hope this is helpful.
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      All the PSR and PSR-S models, as well as all the Tyros, CVP Clavinovas and Genos, have the Registration Sequence function. You save up to 8 Registration Memories in a bank, then create a sequence that a foot switch will step through. The default is 1 through 8, but you can have them in any order with a maximum sequence of 255 steps. If by chance that's not enough, you can link as many banks as you wish, so the sequence is technically limitless.

      The EL series will, as jazztoad said, do the same, and yes, you can record a song that will do all the changes as you play it. That gets a bit more complex!
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        Maybe current models. None of the PSR series keyboards I've ever used do this. But the newest one I've used is almost twenty years old now.