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Rodgers 605 Essex organ not working

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  • Rodgers 605 Essex organ not working

    According to Rodgers the CPU board of our church organ a Rodgers 605 Essex from 1985 is defective and can not be repaired and there are no longer replacement parts available from the manufacturer.
    I am looking for somebody who may have one laying around from old stock, the part number is 5052-303 CPU.
    Need to get the organ back up and running.

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    Does the instrument have MIDI capability? Can you connect it to an external MIDI unit, or computer to get you by for the time being?
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      If the organ's CPU is defective, then the MIDI option, if installed, won't be operative.

      Check with MCN Systems--I'll send a PM with contact info. Matt Neill often can provide boards for these models. Your technician might have to move the EPROM(s) containing the firmware from your current CPU to the replacement.


      • voxhumana46
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        The website is down so I will try again tomorrow

      • toodles
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        Matt is having troubles with his server--I sent you his email address via PM, so you should just email him directly.

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      I did get in touch with Matt and he was very helpful, he had some replacement boards, however my technician was able to repair the organ without his boards.
      Thanks for your help.