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Elka Capri 101 HELP!

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  • Elka Capri 101 HELP!

    Hi. I recently bought an ELKA Capri 101, an italian piece of history in combos, very good external conditions. Since it was at a flea market, plus it was on sale at a ridiculously low price, i took it home as it was, just to find, guess what?, it doesnt work. Or at least, the power light turns on, and i can hear a very subtle hum from the electric board, yet cannot produce any sound at all. First thought was, is it the 5A fuse, or something? Opened it, and to my surprise, all the electronics were in surprising good conditions, as for dust or dirt and stuff. Ive been told the capri 101 schematics are very similar to 90% of farfisa, voxes and all the combo family (all these factories were locate in the same Marche italian area, and would share know-hows and engineers and material etc.). My instinct would suggest it's a faulty connection, or power soldering; what freaks me out is, i am italian and couldnt find any support here, would you believe it!! Thanks to everyone, have a nice day.

    PS. i know it may sound stupid. Fact is, that's my first journey into combo organs... I got the Capri without its expression pedal, is it likely it doesnt sound because it NEEDS the pedal, in order to get any sound

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    I have Elka Capri, it no needs pedal to sounding, I have no pedal for it.

    My need repair too yet, one half of keyboard sounds good, another half too loud, no effect the volume knob.
    I found 2 shematics page for organ.
    Write me pm your e-mail address, I can send it to you.


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      Hi! That's so kind of you. Sent you a PM! Actually, we had a little evolution here. Today at last, i found the exact three 5x20 fuses needed into the main board, next to the power supply trasformer: two 1,25A and a .500MA. Now the organ turns on, yet the only functioning unit, is the drum machine. Otherwise, the keybo doesnt make any other sound, except for a continuous , boring, neverending hi-pitch noise.


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        Here is some photo from my organ.
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          My organ give neverending hi-pitch noise too.
          This noise came from the preamplifier board.
          One of the 3 AC162 transistor was noisy.
          I changed one to BC212 transistor and noise disappeared.
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