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Wurlizterlost confused

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  • Wurlizterlost confused

    I own a wurlizterlost model d172 and it just up and quit. When I engage the on/off switch I can hear what sounds to be a motor running but there is no reaction with any keys either keyboard or controls. I did find a blown fuse on the lower left transformer and replaced that but to no avail. So is this worth the money to repair or a better yard ornament.

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    Power comes on. I hear what seems to be motor sounds. No keyboard or selector control action at all. Found lower left transformer fuse blown and relaxed. No difference made. Any suggestions?? It's a wurlizterlost d172.


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      The motor is the internal Leslie unit, which is AC mains powered. The rest of the organ runs on low voltage DC from the power supply board. As you say that nothing is working it's certain that the problem lies in that area. There will be more than one fuse there, I'm sure, so have a look around - carefully! There are lethal voltages lurking there, even when the organ has been switched off.

      As to what's wrong, that's impossible to say from here. Look inside again and also smell, anything with a burnt smell or a fishy smell? Anything discoloured? Anything that's obviously come loose. Look for connector cables coming from the power supply board. Unplug and reconnect them. Trace them to the parts of the organ they lead to, and unplug and reseat any connectors there too. This could be something simple. Let's hope it's not a problem on a digital board because that's terminal - no spares available.
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        Thank you so much. I will dig a little deeper.