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Annoying noise from Viscount C-120.. any tips?

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  • Annoying noise from Viscount C-120.. any tips?

    Hi everyone,
    I just purchased a used Viscount c-120; you know, the classic made in italy, wooden home-organ, double manuals, 12 pedals, drum and accomp. The reason i've been chasing after that particular model, is that it has a built-in rotary speaker system, and the overall quality is superior to the italian made average organs of that era. Brought it home, since all was functioning and ok, then immediately opened it, cos the previous owner told me he'd bought in the 70s (internal factory check sheet says november, 1974) and never had to get it repaired.. so i sort of knew what to expect; sure enough, at first sight, all was just dirt and nothing more. Anyway, after a couple days of playing, or should i say intense testing, as i was operating around rotary speed controls, the organ started making a very annoying sound, like a sort of middle range buzz, but super high in volume, and by no means adjustable via volume pedal, nor by switching any other button (except main power, of course). As of today, as i turn on the organ, it immediately starts producing the noise. But: one thing i have noticed, is i can still operate the two keyboards, or the rhythm unit, and be able to hear it in the background of the main noise; forget about it, it stays unplayable anyway! my main concern is.. might it be a bad / dead capacitor in the amp section? a failed soldering /connection? does the fact it broke while i was operating the leslie, has to do with the leslie circuit board? any help or suggestion will be highly appreciated! ciao from Italy

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    Could be any of those things, but with an organ this old, cleaning connectors with a good contact cleaner, such as DeOxit, would be the first thing I'd try.

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      Thank you! One always tends to forget the easiest solution; ill try that first.