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Viscount Concerto Deluxe Grandioso - Restoration

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  • Viscount Concerto Deluxe Grandioso - Restoration

    Hello! I write from Italy, and i recently bought a Viscount Concerto Deluxe "Grandioso" (see the image attached) by a guy that was move away stuff from his garage, at a killer price (65€). Basically i'm a guitarist/bassist, so it's my first organ; i bought it for composition and fun. Estetically is in good conditions, and the instrument was used few times.

    The two keyboards works well - except for lower volume in the right side of the lower keyboard - and also the speakers are in good condition, without buzz or noises. Unfortunately, many buttons don't work: in particular, all the rhythm / drum machine panel in the upper side doesn't work, same thing for the mixer related (lower side, right) and the rotary speaker emulator (lower side, left). I've marked in the photo with the red rectangles all the buttons and features that don't work (no signal).

    In these cases, i read that you usually suggest "Deoxit" in all the related pins, right? Do you have other suggestions for a DIY restoration, before bringing it to an assistance center?

    Unfortunately, due to the age of this organ, Viscount can't send me a manual or a guide.

    Thanks for your attention!
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    I suggest selfrepair it.
    Long time unused contacts to keep noise down, if you used buttons and keys key contact maybe it cleaned myself, while play the organ.
    First, try striking the offending key 20 to 30 times in a rapid staccato manner to dislodge the dust particles and to clear the contacts.
    If not you can use contact cleaner spray.