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Roland Atelier 90S Power Keeps Going Out

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  • Roland Atelier 90S Power Keeps Going Out

    On the last few weeks my Atelier after a few minutes of playing suddenly makes a noise and the power goes out, except the lights. So I turn it off and after 10-15 minutes I turn it back on and everything seems to work.

    Could it be a fuse? If so, I can't find anywhere any instructions on where the fuse box is.

    Could it be something else?

    I'd appreciate your feedback.


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    No, it's not a fuse. When a fuse goes out, it doesn't come back. Does it just stop making sound, or does it freeze up?



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      My Rodgers W5000, which is similar to an Atelier, does that, too. First the display starts losing contrast, and then it makes a phooft noise and quits. That sounds dramatic, but the solution is to open it up and clean every plug and data cable connector and put it back together. Than it'll be a year or so before the green window display starts fading again... jbird604 John actually suggested this to me a couple of years ago...(I thought it was a goner.) :)
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        Yes, there's no sound after it makes a loud noise like when there's a power outage. The problem is that now it's happening more frequently. I'll follow Silken's advice and clean the cable connectors. I wish I could get a more specific solution to the problem. Thanks.