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Farfisa Professional Piano parts

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  • Farfisa Professional Piano parts

    Does anyone know where to get (or how to sub) the stop switches on a Farfisa Professional Piano?

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    The only place you'll find those switches is on a dead model from the Professional series; Professional, Professional Duo or Professional Piano. However, a dead one will be hard to find and those that are working will be highly prized.

    Not sure how you'd substitute another switch, as I'm not familiar with the switch mechanism.
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      They are mostly DPST type switches. If all else fails, I could just put a plate on the cover and mount some toggle switches. Would be ugly but functional!


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        Are they perhaps ‘rocker' switches with ‘paddle' actuators?

        There are various styles available with various mounting arrangements, for example:

        An exact replacement might be possible depending on what's behind the panel.

        edit: another thought, if those switches are mounted on a printed circuit board, the problem could be a fractured solder joint or circuit board track.
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          Those would work as well but much more involved than I would like to get into!
          It is not bad solder but just worn out switches! They do not want to stay in the on or off position.