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Gulbransen Rialto Service Manual

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    Gulbransen Rialto Service Manual

    I have a Gulbransen Rialto organ (can't find any other model number, but I've included a photo). The power light and console lights come on, but no sounds are produced by the Leslie speakers (other than a hum). My brother, an electrical engineer, is willing to work on it, but I'm looking for some kind of service manual that would show schematic diagrams for the circuitry. Does anyone know where I could find one?

    Don't know if this thread needs to be combined with your other related thread - will leave that up to the moderators. Model is Rialto K 1135. I didn't realize from your PM where I posted the service manual links and some followup questions that you are getting no sound out of the organ at all. To briefly reiterate, please make sure of the following:
    1. The 102 and 103 speakers are plugged into their correct sockets at the back of the organ - they are not interchangeable.
    2. Make absolutely sure the 103 is hooked up to the organ correctly. Make sure the organ is not plugged into the bottom amplifier input of the Leslie but rather to the middle socket. Make sure there is a proper internal connection from that area down to the input of the amplifier.
    3. SInce it sounded like the issues you reported in the PM (loud hum through 103 with certain tremulant settings, tubes in 103 space generator not lighting up) were related to the main channel/multi-rank setup, see what happens if you just have the 102 plugged in. Again see item 1 and 2 as these caveats apply to the 102 cabinet as well. See if the tibia, pedal, and piano channels come through the 102 and that the Tibia Tremolo tab switches between stationary and drum.
    Hope this helps.
    - JImmy
    Jimmy Williams
    Hobbyist (organist/technician)
    Gulbransen Model D with Leslie 204