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Ahlborn Galanti Voicing issues

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    Ahlborn Galanti Voicing issues

    I recently serviced an Ahlborn Galanti Chronicler I organ. This organ needs some peaking of the voices as there is a possibility the sanctuary had some renovations. How is this particular organ voiced? Is it software driven, or is a device similar to a Rodgers GC-8 used? The organ doesn't sound bad to me, but a little "tweaking" sometimes doesn't hurt. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks. B630

    The Chronicler series used a remote control called the Interactive Programmer for most of the voicing functions.Some adjustments could be made without it IIRC.
    Either way you will need the instructions.



      I guess I better search for a service manual.



        The Chronicler I, is indeed a nice organ, when properly hooked up to a full 6 channel audio system and voiced properly. Most dealers / installers of A-G organs thought the C- I was the best sounding model of the Chronicler line.

        A few things,
        1) The Chronicler I came in 2 versions, a early version, and what they called a series II. Early ones were made from about 1993 to 1995, series II were made from 1995 to 2005. The basic platform was different, so boards are not interchangeable.
        2) in 2001 or thereabouts, A-G came out with an A version and a B version, The B version was more American in flavour, had a Festival Trumpet and 32' Subbass and a few other changes.
        3) if you post the serial number, I could tell you approx when the organ was manufactured.
        4) to make voicing changes, you wil need the interactive programmer (looks like TV remote). To make changes to the default setting, you will need the dealer code.
        5) there is a battery mounted on the CPU board. Needs to be replaced every 8 or so years.