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Elka Artist 707 blows main fuse

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    Elka Artist 707 blows main fuse

    Hi mates, last week I've acquired an Elka Artist 707 (serial # 3542) which I'd like to revive
    The organ can't fire up at all, as it keeps blowing a "main" fuse (2 AT) located next to the mains cord, see the photo:

    Click image for larger version

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    It blows the fuse immediately
    as soon as I plug the power cord into a power socket,
    even when the power switch on the panel is "OFF."
    I don't know where to start locating a problematic part responsible for the issue, as I can't find this fuse on the schematics manual -- downloaded from
    I've read through a discussion in the above link, and it seems like most suspect part might be some kind of a rectifier
    So w
    here to start?
    I'm not so knowledgeable in electronics so may I ask to help to locate the fuse and a suspect rectifier (?) on the schematics diagram first? I need some guidance in troubleshooting the issue. Your help is greatly appreciated in advance

    Ok, I've managed to find this fuse (F1) on Sheet #29-62 in the schematics manual. Now if the main fuse blows even with the switch being "OFF," I assume the switch is faulty and needs replacement. Correct?

    If the switch is not faulty, what should I check next?

    Elka Artist 707 power 29-62