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  • Gulbransen assistance

    Hi everyone
    I have a church experiencing issues with a Gulbransen Premier organ. Apart from the organ needing a service to clean all the contacts, they often have issues with the organ even switching on. The church is located in a regional town here in Victoria Australia, I am due to go and service it for them in a few weeks. Question i have though, does the organ use a switch mode power supply, and if so, could issues with a fluctuating mains supply (240VAC) be enough to prevent the power supply coming on. On the occasions where the organ hasn't worked, the lights and leslie operate but no audio. Given the Premier needs a fair bit f contact work to get in working properly again, I'm thinking of giving them a Gulbransen President I have here (model 4116W) again - could a similar problem occur with the President if there is a fluctuating mains supply voltage, or is it a matter of the organ power supply needing to be re capped?
    I look forward to your advice.

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    No switch mode power supply there. It could be a simple loss of a DC power supply line due to a bad connection. Such a loss can disable the preamp or tone generator. Since it sometimes works I would suspect a bad connection. If you can be there when it's not working a simple power supply voltage check should be the first thing to do.



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      Thanks Geo, as the organ is located around 350km from where I am, it makes it tricky. The client says that they had aircon installed into the church and the organ usually played up when the AC was in operation - that's why I suspected a potential line voltage issue.