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  • Lowery D350 help

    Hi there, I just acquired a Lowrey D350
    Holliday. Sadly it has not had a good life and looks like it’s had mice through it. It wasn’t working at all but after cleaning it up I have got it to power up and the push button lights do their sequence but can’t be selected- when pushing a button they just continue to cycle. There is also a loud hum from the bass channel and a reduced hum from the other 2 channels.

    Any advice on where to start checking, especially in terms of selecting burtons etc.

    i have checked the power supply and all the voltages are present +15, -15 & +5.


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    I would check the audio path first. Find out where the input to the amplifier is. The hum is most likely because something is disconnected from there.
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      Resolder all red vertical board connectors on all voicing and control circuit boards.
      If the CPU board has push-on spade connectors for the power (5v, 15v, and GND) cut off the connectors and solder the wires directly to the spades on the boards.
      IIRC they used this type of connector. Also solder the other ends to the power supply.

      Apply Deoxit D5 to all connector pins.

      Clean/lube slide pots with D100 or Fader Lube F5. DO NOT use D5 on sliders.