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Kimball K800 restoration

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  • Kimball K800 restoration

    Hello! This is my first post on the forum and as the heading states I am ‘mid-throw into the restoration of a Kimball K800 theatre organ (I noted that there have several postings A few years back regarding this organ) - a rare beast here in the UK? There were many electrical faults That gradually I am working through and repairing. Luckily for me, my background is in electronics. Organs from this era are a complex hybrid of digital and analogue And I wonder if other members are attempting similar projects? As I would be interested to find out. I think there are lots of myths about the success of such repairs on this era of organ tech. Thankfully I have managed to obtain spares from a scrapped Kimball paradise organ with similar circuitry.

    I have owned many organs in my time and passed from analogue to digital instruments (tyros 5) and back to to analogue ((thank goodness!)