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  • Roland Atelier parts request

    Hi guys, Thanks for having me on the forum.. I have an Atelier AT90R, and am searching for the two ribbon cables that run from the upper keyboard to the tone board assembly. The only details I can offer are as follows; the 18 pin is Fuji Card 18x730 and the 14 pin is Fuji Card 14x710. If anyone can help I will be very grateful, I love this old girl and would dearly like to get her going again. I am interested in new or recycled. Thanks in advance, Colin.

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    Ribbon cables are pretty straightforward to make yourself. If you have a existing cable that broke, you can order replacement ribbon and reuse the connectors. If you have neither, you can order the appropriate connectors from Digikey or Mouser and the cables to go with them. If you’re not sure what connectors or cable to get, post a picture of the inputs on your boards and we can help you narrow it down.


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      Tanks, I will post a pic later today. the cables don't appear to have any connector, just exposed wire with the back of the cable stiffened.


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        here are the ends of the cable and how they fit into the keyboard socket etc


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          You will notice the cables going into a brown socket, that socket is part of the keyboard circuit board. I had heard that a guy purchased all the old spare parts from Roland, I wonder if anyone knows who it is? Cheers, Colin


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            From the pictures, it looks like your cables are both AWM 2896 80C, and that you have 18 conductors at least on one cable (the other cable looks like it has more conductors, but I can’t tell how many.) it’s hard to tell what the pitch is, but if you have a caliper you can measure it yourself. It is the center to center spacing of conductors on the cable.

            I don’t know how long your cable happens to be, or what the pitch is, if your pitch happens to be 1mm, and you need it to be 18 inches long, you can give this cable a try for your 18 conductor cable:


            otherwise, you can look around on the website to see if another one is more suitable. For the other cable, count how many conductors you have, and take a look on the website to see. You can filter your search by the number of conductors to make your job easier.


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              That certainly looks like the one I need, it is an AWM 2896 80C 18 conductors about 18" and I think the wire pitch is 1mm. The second cable is the same except 14 conductors. I will measure the pitch today to verify. I really appreciate your help and will keep you posted. Cheers, Colin


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                Are the cables damaged or is it just the ends? Looking at the photos you can just cut off about 1/16" or so to eliminate the damaged area.



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                  Hi guys, Thank you for your assistance, Have sourced the cables from Digikey as a result of your suggestion. Looks like the old girl will breathe again. Again thank you for your help. Cheers, Colin.