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Best way to clean a 145 amp?

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  • Best way to clean a 145 amp?

    Just got a Leslie 145 and stripped it out, what’s the best way to clean up this amp?
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    I would clean off any dirt/dust with a damp cloth. It looks like there is a fair bit of corrosion. I would just leave the corrosion. If it really bothers you, you can carefully disassemble the amp, sand the paint and corrosion off with 300 grit sandpaper wet with mineral oil, clean off all the oil with a damp soapy cloth and repaint, but it’s probably not worth the effort, and the oil and potential metal dust may not be good for the electronic components. Also, some components in a leslie amp can cause a powerful shock. Refer to the safety sticky.

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      Right, kinda thought disassembly would be required to do anything other than a wipe. I think I’ll leave well alone after a quick clean.

      thanks for the info