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    Apologies if this isn't the correct place to post this.

    My wife inherited a Glubransen Theatrum from her grandad.

    The problem is when we turn it on we can hear some kind of pump or fan running but we cant get it to make any sound.

    I'm trying to track down someone who could take a look at it, does anyone know of anyone?

    I'm based in Worcester, UK
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    Welcome to the forum! There may be an engineer that can come take a look at it in the area, but other forum members probably know the UK better than I do. It could be a wide number of things if it just won't work. Know though that getting it working again will probably be pretty expensive (probably in the range of hundreds of pounds), yet it will still be worth nothing when you're done. If your wife just wants an organ to play, it would proabably be easier just to find another one in the area that does work.

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      Hi! I had a Theatrum years ago. What you are hearing is probably their version of a Leslie speaker. The speaker sits in a drum that rotates, using the Doppler effect for that theater sound. You could verify this by turning the tremulant stop on and off: the sound should change speed. It's a very nice sounding organ, especially the tibia stops. Good luck!
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        The organ is fused separately from the Leslie so you can check that mains fuse.
        Also make sure nothing is plugged into the headphone jack.



        • Deano
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          Thanks, do you mean the fuse in the plug or inside the organ.

          I have no experience in repairing organs, is it simple?