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Roland at 900C scratchy speakers.

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  • Roland at 900C scratchy speakers.

    Hello, I wonder if someone could help me in finding a fix for my AT-900C
    I haven't played it for nearly 2 years due to illness.
    Now when I play I get sporadic scratchy noises form the speakers.
    Im not sure if its when I use the foot pedal as it doesnt happen all of the time.
    Sometime the sound disappears for a second.
    Are we talking about cleaning the pot on the foot pedal or could it be something else?



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    This does sound a bit like a scratchy pot of some kind. If the expression pedal is indeed potentiometer based, I would get some F5 Fader lube if it's a linear pot, Deoxit D5 if it's a rotary pot, and give it a try. I would try cleaning any other pots it may have, like those two linear pots at the bottom left hand side with F5 fader lube.

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      Rotary pots can also be elastomer material like faders. You don't want to use contact cleaner on them.

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    First thing to do is to try to clean the expression shoe pot using some fader lube. Do not use contact cleaner for this purpose! If that doesn't resolve the problem, examine the speaker cones looking for foam rot on the surrounds.

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      It's a common issue, mine did it, as well as a couple of students' Ateliers. In my case, a service call from my local service engineer sorted it with a good clean. It will need to be replaced at some point. tucsondave did find a replacement for the pot, but I've lost the link.
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        Hello, looks like im struggling to get hold of any F5 Fader lube. but i can get F5S-H6 which im presuming its the same stuff at an eye watering £35.18 and 2 week delivery.


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          D100 can be used on both rotary and slide pots. D5 can be used on rotary pots.