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Bussbar Job on a Hammond CV

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  • Bussbar Job on a Hammond CV

    Hello to all of you Hammond experts out there. I recently did my
    first buss bar job on a Hammond CV, belonging to my church. I gathered
    lots of info. from the internet before starting and proceeded with
    extreme caution. The job itself went very smoothly. I had absolutely
    no problem getting the bars back into the manuals. I put them back in
    and reconnected everything and have discovered a rather serious
    problem. While the upper manual works perfectly, the lower manual has
    a lot of problems. There are many, many tones missing from this
    manual. I haven't discovered a pattern yet since I'm still in the
    troubleshooting stage. Some keys only have 3 or 4 drawbars that work.
    They are different drawbars for every key that don't work. All of the
    drawbars are connected properly and work in some capacity on some
    keys. I am pretty confident that the procedure was done properly with
    no damage (fingers still crossed) because it went very well. Hardly
    any resistance, didn't force anything, etc. My suspicion is that there
    has been some error on my part when I reinstalled the manuals.
    However, the TG wiring harness I know was resoldered correctly, because
    the upper manual works perfectly. Whatever problem I'm having is
    isolated on the lower manual.</p>


    Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?</p>

    </p>Many thanks in advance!!!