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Small pipe organ

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  • Small pipe organ

    I wonder if anyone here knows what kind of organ this is? I took this picture several years ago in a church that also had a Hammond model A. While servicing the Hammond I noticed the pipe organ and took this picture. I may have a chance to acquire it as it seems they don’t use it and are wanting to reclaim the space. I’m interested in getting it if it doesn’t cost too much. I realize it’s a very small spec but it’s a lovely piece that would be fun to restore and display. Any info on what it is and perhaps what it’s worth would be greatly appreciated.

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    It looks like a Wicks two rank instrument. Probably something like Man I: Spitzflote 8', Flote 4', Blockflote 2'. Man II: Gedeckt 8', Spitzprinzipal 4' Sifflote 2'. Ped: Bourdon 16' Gedeckt 8' Flote 4'


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      It looks like a Wicks. There used to be one similar to this at Shenandoah Conservatory (it is long gone now). It appears to be 2 ranks (a Principal rank from 4' with common bass, and a Bourdon (a.k.a. Gedeckt)). Keep in mind that any used organ, pipe or electric, is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Figure out what you can afford to spend to purchase, move and reassemble the organ. >>Get professional help<< unless you have moved a pipe organ previously. Pipes are EASY to damage and expensive to have repaired. be SUPER OCD about marking EVERYTHING if you end up owning the organ and are going to move it your self.


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        Originally posted by VaPipeorgantuner View Post
        It appears to be 2 ranks (a Principal rank from 4' with common bass, and a Bourdon (a.k.a. Gedeckt)).
        I'm pretty sure that it's a Spitzflote 4', as the pipes appear to be conical.


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          A friend in CT has the same instrument in his living room:

          MANUAL I
          Copula 8'
          Gemshorn 4'
          BlockFlote 2'

          MANUAL II
          Gemshorn 8' (1-12 Copula)
          KoppelFlote 4'
          Spitz Quint 1 1/3'

          Subbass 16' (prep. for)
          Gedeckt 8'
          Flote 4'
          Choral Bass 2'

          8'-2' Flute 1-12 stopped wood, 13-24 stopped metal, remainder "KoppelFlote"
          4'-2' Gemshorn tapered metal


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            Awesome info folks. Many thanks!