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Whiffle Tree Action

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  • Whiffle Tree Action

    I was reading about the restoration of a 1911 Hill organ in Melbourne after it had a severe rebuilding encounter with some 1960's organ philosophy, and I came across the term "whiffle tree action", and it being used to replace the original pedal tracker action. I've never heard of it before. so if someone knows what it is and how it works it would be wonderful if you could enlighten me.

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    Used sometimes with Swell shutter engines and apparently other things.


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      I imagine it is less common now that whiffle trees are becoming extent. That's why wiffle balls are now made from plastic. ;-)

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        Yes Voet, whiffle trees are going the way of Naugas. On a more serious note, I'm familiar with whiffletree engines for moving swell shades and Barker pneumatic machines to provide mechanical assist in tracker organs but the conflation of the whiffletree action and the pedal tracker action is escaping me. I'd like to read about that restoration. Do you have a link?

        Here's a link from down your way that shows a diagram of a whiffletree engine for operating swell shades. With each step, one more of the eight pneumatics is collectively activated, which provides incremental movement of the rod connected at the top.

        In organs without a mechanical action from the swell shoe to the shades, organ builders have moved away from whiffletree mechanisms in favor of smoother continuous actions that are electronically controlled.
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          This is the article about the restoration:
          Thanks for the responses. I'm still not sure how it would be used for a pedal action though.


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            The article describes the use of the whiffle tree for the "swell pedal" action, not the pedal action. See post 3 in this link for a description of it:


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              Originally posted by toodles View Post
              The article describes the use of the whiffle tree for the "swell pedal" action, not the pedal action.
              Ahh, I must have misread it.