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    Originally posted by voet View Post
    The pedal division has two ranks that are used to generate 6 pedals stops. The 16' flute is also playable on the Grand orgue, and the reed unit of 16-8-4 is also playable on the Recit. If you count each stop on the organ, it totals 33. If you count the unit ranks as one, you get 25. There are no digital ranks on this organ.
    Yeah I kind of suspected that there were no digital stops because I wasn't sure about the translation plus if there were digital stops they would have been listed in the specification.


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      I really like the look of the Casavant Inspiration Organ. Their a small seven or nine rank organ, extended out to about 25 stops. They look really nice. I think that my main problem with a lot of extension organs is that they have extremely basic, even ugly case designs, that look really out of place anywhere other than the 50's and 60's. But the Inspiration organ has got a really nice case design on top of the versatility that it provides. I kinda want one now



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        Thank you for sharing the info and link for the Casavant Inspiration Organ. This is a well designed instrument that would work in many situations. The sound is very nice in the recording.

        My home organ: Content M5800 as a midi controller for Hauptwerk