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Lowrey Veneer Repair

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  • Lowrey Veneer Repair

    Does anybody know where to purchase 2" wide oak veneer for a Lowrey organ?
    I need the 2 front pieces of 2" wide by 48" long oak veneer.
    The organ have miscolored and bubbled veneer and I would like to replace it.

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    Woodcraft (as well as many other stores that sell wood products) carry wood veneer; Woodcraft is available on-line and in many large cities. See:

    Note that there is red oak and white oak, it it will be easiest to match the color if you purchase the one that matches your console. You will have to finish the veneer to match your Lowrey. If you do not have finishing talent, you can usually find a local furniture repair person to do this and probably to do the whole job. Talk to a local furniture retailer and find out who does their retouching jobs.


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      I have ordered some veneer, twice as much as I need. This way I can test stains to match the organ. I had checked at Woodcraft and found the same brand on Amazon.
      I do wood working as a hobby, but not with veneer. So this is going to be a little learning for me.
      Thank you for the information.