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EM Skinner Opus 708 in Ashmont (Boston), MA

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  • EM Skinner Opus 708 in Ashmont (Boston), MA

    Last week, I had the chance to visit All Saints Episcopal Church in Ashmont (Boston), MA which is home to CB Fisk Opus 103 and rebuilt EM Skinner Opus 708. The Skinner is installed in the Chancel and replaces an ailing Hook instrument.

    CHOIR (enclosed, right side of chamber)
    Cor de Nuit 8' - 73p
    Dulciana 8' - 73p
    Flute Harmonique 4' - 73p
    Clarinet 8' - 73p
    Tromba 8' - 61p (addition)

    GREAT (unenclosed, left side of chamber)
    Open Diapason 8' - 61p
    Clarabella 8' - 61p
    Principal 4' - 61p
    Grave Mixture II - 122p (2 2/3' + 2')
    Chimes - 20n (in Swell box)

    SWELL (enclosed, left side of chamber behind Swell)
    Bourdon 16' - 73p
    Geigen 8' - 73p
    Rohrflute 8' - 73p
    Salicional 8' - 73p
    Voix Celeste 8' (TC) - 61p
    Octave Geigen 4' - 73p
    Mixture III - 183p
    Cornopean 8' - 73p
    Flugel Horn 8' - 73p (pipes are stamped "Oboe")
    Vox Humana 8' - 73p

    PEDAL (sandwiched between the Choir and Swell boxes)
    Contra Bass 16' - 44p
    Bourdon 16' - 56p
    Octave 8' (ext.)
    Gedeckt 8' (ext.)
    Flute 4' (ext.)
    Trombone 16' - 12p (ext. Choir Tromba, addition)

    To sum this instrument up: WOW! It was amazing hearing an original EM Skinner that has been unchanged!

    A quote from The Diapason July 2015 which featured an article on this instrument: “All stops speak on 6-inch wind pressure, with the exception of the Tromba and Trombone, which are on 12 inches. The Tromba comprises a Pedal Trombone (44 pipes, Opus 404) married to trebles from the Swell Trumpet and Clarion of Opus 762. The lowest 12 pipes are on a Skinner chest from Opus 310, the balance on the French Horn chest from Opus 545.”

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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      Both beautiful instruments. I play, learn, and practice on these often.