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Can someone look over some fictional organ specs?

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  • Can someone look over some fictional organ specs?

    I've been playing in an RPG of sorts, which takes place in the present and has a lot of tech. Being that I'm an organ nut, I've drawn up a spec for the main city, asserting that it has an unusually-high number of organs still in, or returned to, their theatres, as well as several residential, restaurant, radio station, and club installations. For this purpose, I've created a fictional builder, a small company in business for a little over six years, who built 50 instruments. Ten of them are still in this city. I'd like some opinions on my write-up (which is mostly flavor text, admittedly, not something that will necessarily come up in games, but it's good to know history just in case).

    I also have some specs drawn up of fictional organs from real companies, and even real organs. The head of the game gave me carte blanche to fill the place up with instruments-- and as this is a fictionalized 'alt universe,' I've thrown together, with what I fully admit is limited knowledge, some other stuff. Examples below; those marked * have a spec drawn up. In this setting, the 2nd-largest Wurlitzer was a non-Kimball-spec'd two-console job at 56 ranks, which is local. 3rd-largest was Wurlitzer's Paradise Theatre 5-manual at 54 ranks. 4th was the Chicago Stadium Barton at its real 51 ranks (it still exists in this setting, in Chicago). 5th in line was the New York Roxy, not 34 but 50, and a billionaire patron of the arts rebuilt the Roxy, though with some improvements, in the next city over, with all three organs * (I had to throw together specs for the lobby & radio studio organs, since I cannot find the real specs anywhere. The auditorium organ is now 90+). An organ from an unnamed Chicago theatre, now installed in a radio studio, was Barton's 2nd-largest * --bigger than their real 2nd-largest (Dallas Fair) by 4 ranks. One theatre contains a moved Geneva * again a case where I'm not sure it's 'right' for a Geneva because I couldn't find specs of their largest organs. The city contains organs by Wurlitzer, Kimball, Robert Morton, Barton (just the one, which was moved, as it's a West Coast city), Wicks, Page, Kilgen (moved), Moller, Geneva, Aeolian (one of them a loose collab with Wurlitzer-- this is fiction, after all), Welte, Christie (shipped over in the 1950s by an enthusiast), Robin (the fictional firm mentioned above), and a local builder run by me who still builds theatre organs, in generally the Wurlitzer style. There are two Aeolians * one a V/100 in a hotel lobby/ballroom, the other a V/198 for a large society club in the next city.

    There are two specs I really can't believe I put together. One is a pizza parlor owned by said current builder with the largest theatre-spec organ built at 200 ranks. The other isn't theatre, and was a challenge by the heads of the game: the list for a 3rd-largest organ, period (leaving Atlantic City and Wanamaker's to duke it out for 1st & 2nd). This, like the larger Aeolian and the Roxy Theatre, is in a neighboring city.

    Would anyone here give opinions on some of these if I post them?
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