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My modular virtual MIDI organ project

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    and THANK YOU for the link ! So many realistically possible options, even for me!


      I just cross-graded from Native Instruments 'Komplete' Version 8 to the Komplete 9 Ultimate package.

      If any one is interested in emulating my MIDI driven, software sampled organ approach, Native Instruments occasionally offer special deals on their products. Up until the 9th November 2013, they have a half price special on their Komplete 9 and Komplete 9 Ultimate bundles.

      Of course, if you are starting from scratch you would need to buy the full version and not the upgrade or crossgrade. Komplete 9 (full boxed version) is discounted to $499 USD and Komplete 9 Ultimate (full boxed version) is discounted to $999 USD.

      If you don't want the entire Komplete bundle then you can buy a full version (at half price) of Kontakt for $199.50 USD which includes the Kontakt library of 1000 instruments (43 GB of samples).

      The Kontakt library instruments are here

      I originally bought Komplete because it contains a large bundle of NI products - particularly the full version of Kontakt (the sample engine) plus it contains a massive number of additional sampled instrument libraries. This includes 16,000 sounds and 370 GB of samples.

      I really must get around to producing a demo video of what my system can do.
      My MIDI controlled, module and software driven virtual 'organ' thread is here:


        Welcome down to the 'virtual organ' section of the Organ Forum.
        There is some latent interest in this thread because the view count keeps going up. So here is an updated status of my system.

        My current system consists of:

        PC with:
        ASUS MoBo
        i7 Intel Processor
        12GB RAM
        1Tb SSD
        M-Audio 1010 Soundcard
        Dual 17inch touch monitors

        Windows 10

        Band in a Box 2016
        Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate (mainly using Kontakt5 Sampler with NI's Virtual Instruments in the K10 Ultimate bundle, plus some third party libraries - Vir2 Instruments and Sonic Reality)
        Hauptwerk V4 Advanced Edition
        Silver Octopus 80 Rank Willis Pipe Organ samples
        Paramount 4/50 Theatre Organ samples

        Cakewalk Sonar Platinum

        Edirol PCR800 61Note MIDI Controllers (stacked into a console organ configuration)
        Roland A800 61Note MIDI Controllers
        Roland PK5 13Note MIDI Pedalboard
        Roland RD64 (64Note Hammer Action controller/piano)
        Novation Zero SL Mkii MIDI Controller
        Expression and sustain pedals

        Hammond 25Note MIDIfied Pedalboard
        Conn/Klann 32Note Concave & Radiating AGO Spec MIDIfied pedalboard

        Roland XV5080 Sound Module
        Yamaha Motif ES Rack Module
        Ensoniq MR Rack Sound Module
        Hammond Suzuki XM2 Sound Module + XMC

        Behringer Mixer
        Pyle 8 Channel Amp
        Various speakers
        2 x Leslie 710s

        Standalone Yamaha CP4 stage piano

        A range of old Allen Organs waiting for conversion to MIDI controllers
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        My MIDI controlled, module and software driven virtual 'organ' thread is here:


          I have adopted 'Varranger' as the control engine for the home/entertainment part of my virtual organ setup.

          This is the vArranger Main Screen User Interface

          To make this software easier to use I am building a custom hardware MIDI control surface to operate the virtual controls on the vArranger interface.

          Here is my current layout for the prototype control surface I am building.

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          My MIDI controlled, module and software driven virtual 'organ' thread is here:


            Looks like an interesting project. Thanks for the photos. Keep us informed of your progress.

            I'm somewhat surprised that there isn't more interested in this VPO forum. Guess many are too focused on oiling their tonewheels.

            Allen 965
            Zuma Group Midi Keyboard Encoder
            Zuma Group DM Midi Stop Controller
            Hauptwerk 4.2


              Sorry that you can no longer see the photos in this thread.

              For those who are not aware, the photos in this thread were hosted on Photobucket have changed their terms of service so that continued third party use of photos hosted on their site now require me to pay an (exorbitant) annual fee - which I will not do.

              It is much cheaper for me to just acquire my own domain and set up my own website rather than use Photobucket's expensive third party hosting product. So standby for me to build the website. I will also use a related Youtube channel.

              In the meantime, I have purchased a couple of unrepairable Hammond LSI organs that I intend to reuse for the next phase of my MIDI organ project.

              I've also bought Cantabile Performer as the VST host for my MIDI organ. I'll see how that goes when I integrate it into the system.
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              My MIDI controlled, module and software driven virtual 'organ' thread is here:


                Here is the current shelf mounted configuration of my virtual organ system.

                2 Edirol PCR800 61 note controllers
                Roland PK5 pedalboard
                1 PC with 2 touch screens - vArranger on the left screen and Kontakt on the right

                And, here is the Hammond Aurora cabinet that I'm thinking of decanting the Edirol MIDI controller keybeds and control surfaces into - so that I have a MIDI Controller with an Organ form factor.

                It will also be more aesthetically pleasing

                Photos hot linked from my Organ Forum album
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                My MIDI controlled, module and software driven virtual 'organ' thread is here:


                  If I'm going to have a 'modular' organ then I need a few modules.

                  Here is my current stack of sound modules:

                  Allen MDS - Expander II (newly acquired)
                  Ahlborn Archive Module 202 (newly acquired)
                  Ahlborn Classic Module (newly acquired)
                  Roland Sound Canvas SC-88ST Pro (newly acquired)
                  Roland JV-1010
                  Hammond XM2 + XMC2 Drawbar Controller
                  Roland XV-5080
                  Yamaha Motif Rack ES
                  Ensoniq MR

                  Click image for larger version

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                  My MIDI controlled, module and software driven virtual 'organ' thread is here:


                    Hi there - interesting thread - thank you! I've just built a virtual organ into my Lowrey Citation cabinet. I have a tiny space left for a rhythm unit, something that would give me basic drums, maybe some background accompaniment - nothing fancy, I prefer doing the playing myself. I don't want to use a software solution, as I don't want the complexity of a mouse or touch screens or midi controllers to operate the drums, so it has to be a hardware solution, easy to find buttons to start and stop etc. I'm searching the internet using all the devices you've listed in this thread - but do you have a quick solution to recommend please?

                    Many thanks, Ian


                      After looking at some of the hardware you use, it occurred to me that I could replace the (now non-operating) brass synthesizer section of my Lowrey top panel with a slim sound rack, do you have a recommendation please?

                      Thanks, Ian